MertyMade Illustrations

Part of a good architecture is to deliver the message that has been tailored for the right stakeholders. A good presentation or illustrations will help in making architecture views less complex, easier to remember and most important; less dull and boring..

MertyMade will create illustrations and presentations for both formal and informal occasions. This can be in form of technical diagrams, but also in cartoon-like style.


Image to discuss network topology and concerns in and around Stations.
Concept of "FlexCore", used for Essent IT strategy
Explaining Rule Engines
Cartoon about IT Incident and Problem management
(Dutch) Caricatures of "roles" within organisation. Meant to discussus ways of working.
(Dutch) Cartoons with the mascotte of the department, an Orca , making fun of day-to-day projects.


Experienced in not only creating, but also in teaching how to create effective presentations, visual design basics and website design. Learning the basics of digital design.





KvK #: 58765654
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